Baby Naming

Congratulations!!! Your baby has made their entrance into this big wide world, maybe last week, or perhaps months ago. It’s never too late to celebrate their arrival with a beautiful Naming Day ceremony. Maybe you want to have a small gathering at home, or venture out to a beautiful setting with the extended family and friends. Some families like to hold a ceremony as a way to introduce their bundle of joy to everyone, others may wait until their first birthday. Whatever you dream of we can make this a reality.

Photo credit: Fleabee’s Photography

We understand that welcoming a son or daughter into this world is a huge milestone. We want to help you make this celebration truly special. Every ceremony is 100% unique to you, and you can include as much or as little into the ceremony as you wish to create a memorable day dedicated to your new baby. Our packages are designed to suit all types of occasions, however if you are hoping for something that doesn’t fit into our packages feel free to contact us to discuss what you require.